Complex logistics services – 3PL

Complex logistics services in Klaipėda Free Economic Zone:

  • logistics solutions and consultations;
  • storage of goods in Free Economic Zone warehouses, loading / unloading procedures;
  • order processing and detailed stock management (WMS), on-line stock reporting;
  • sorting, marking, labelling of goods with excise and control marks, banderols, weighting, measurement, packing, quality control;
  • worldwide shipment consolidation (groupage, FTL, sea-freight, air-freight);
  • order picking, using modern warehouse management system;
  • preparation of consignments from shipments, consolidated at the warehouse;
  • execution of trade transactions at Free Economic Zone warehouses;
  • distribution network in Baltic States;
  • final deliveries of goods to customers in CIS countries;
  • transit shipment flow organising schemes and specific solutions of customs formalities.